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To bolster its world image in the 1950's the Soviet government made a strategic decision to dominate the Olympic Games and other major world sports competitions. From this period until the late 1980's, sports science became a major industry in Russia and the other members of the Soviet bloc. The program was heavily funded, and received a high priority status from the government to pursue its goals.  

To this end an enormous research infrastructure was developed, which gathered and correlated data over multiple disciplines. Each Olympic sport was meticulously studied. The accumulated data were then processed through associated scientific research centers. Finally, optimized training and coaching systems were developed based on this accumulated knowledge. The resulting data banks were, and still are, unique in the field of sports.   

The derived models and algorithms were so successful, it became possible to achieve desired individual results in various sports and events with an accuracy of 90 percent! The athletes and coaches fortunate enough to participate in this program were well rewarded financially, and earned world-wide recognition, comparable to Hollywood movie stars. Until recently, this information was kept “top secret”, and available only to select Soviet sports coaches. Now all that has changed!

In 1999 Super Sport Systems, an American-based company, formed an alliance with a team of Soviet sports scientists from the Moscow State Institute of Sports that is destined to change the face of sports training forever. Together, they have packaged all of this secret Soviet knowledge in an easy-to-use system that is designed to train athletes of all levels. And it does this in real-time... over the internet!

For the first time ever, athletes world-wide can  use this revolutionary approach to sports training to achieve maximum individual performance. Super Sport Systems combines elite coaching methodology and the specialized knowledge athletes need to achieve peak performance in a truly revolutionary package. And it makes this available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The Super Sport Systems' technology, knowledge, and product were developed after more than 30 years of data collection and empirical testing of various training methods. It has consistently produced world and Olympic champions for the Soviet Union, and has no equal. Users have immediate access to a vast pool of Olympic-level training knowledge and proprietary tools that will lead to the success of anyone who follows the program. Individual coaching is also optionally available.

Seminars and other public events are held periodically by Super Sport Systems  to explain

our approach and the basics of our system, including programs for practically any Olympic Sport.

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