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We offer a unique opportunity for coaches of all levels, affiliated or not. You can become a 3S Certified Coach, or you can just use our system to ensure your athletes are getting the best training possible and you are getting the most sophisticated coaching tools available. Either way you can expect guaranteed results, personal satisfaction, and additional income from the enrollment of your athletes. It's definitely a win win situation!

Thomas Ball      Dr. Thomas Waldrop

USAT All-American

USAT and  3S Certified Coach

USAT All-American     

Based on nearly fifty years of Soviet research by hundreds of sports scientists and elite coaches, the proprietary 3S Training System brings to the US an updated and modernized version of the coaching technology the Soviets so successfully used to train their elite athletes for Olympic and World-Class competitions for more than three decades. Dr. Sergei Beliaev, CEO for Super Sport Systems, is a professional coach and sports scientist with years of experience working with the best science and sports groups in Russia. He has devised an ingenious internet-based training module that offers coaches training tools that will save them time, money, and endless hours of frustration. Helping Athletes is our Passion

    No Matter What You Did Last Year, You Can Plan a Winning Season With 3S This Year. Here's Why...

Scientifically Proven Training Method
Train right and train smart with the most scientifically advanced suite of coaching tools for triathlon and other multi-sport events ever assembled. Your triathletes will experience phenomenal gains in speed, strength, endurance, and efficiency... regardless of their event or distance. Light-years ahead of traditional training methods our proprietary Training Optimization Program™ coupled with our Parametric Training Tools™, will enable all of your multi-sport athletes to perform at their personal best for every competition throughout the entire season. 
Online Training and More
The 3S platform offers a unique opportunity for coaches to share their knowledge and expertise with their athletes, and their experiences and training skills with other coaches. Its user friendly interface and sophisticated coaching tools take a lot of the daily grind out of the coaching day, and will allow you to focus more on actual coaching than administrative details, making you more and more productive every day you help your athletes train.
Successful Track Record
* 100% of all coaches using our system found it invaluable
* 100% of all coaches using our system last year will use it again this year
* At least 5 participating colleges using our system won their Conferences
* Several athletes using our system became All American
* Several athletes qualified for Olympic Trials
* Over 20 pool and school records were set by swimmers using our training methods
Unbeatable Value                                                            The 3S system is a proven, useful, time saving, money saving, success–oriented tool that can assist coaches in their everyday efforts. Nearly 10% of all US collegiate programs already use our service. And this is only our second year of operation! If you are not a member of the 3S Team, we know that we can help you as well, so please give us a chance to demonstrate our desire and commitment to assist you in building new talents and achieving the goals of the young men and women who have entrusted their time and lives to you. To learn more about the 3S Training System, please browse through this web site, or call me directly at  804-519-1201. Here's to a winning season for you...
Sergei Beliaev, President of Super Sport Systems
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