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Helping athletes unleash their potential is our passion, our mission and our vision.

 It’s what we do best and where we are more effective and efficient than anyone else.

Sergei B. Beliaev, Ph.D., Founder and President of Super Sport Systems

Super Sport Systems was first conceptualized in the Soviet Union in the 1950’s. It was the brainchild of a group of prominent industry leaders that represented the “best of the best” in international sports, physiology, psychology, science, research, and elite coaching. Working together both as coaches and consultants, they  prepared national teams for the Soviet bloc for decades.  The core of the current Super Sport Systems' team is composed of scientists with multiple PhD’s. In addition each member of the Super Sport Systems' team has also had vast practical experience, as well as a proven track record of consistent results. The methodology behind our sports training system is supported by over 200 publications in this and related fields. Athletes and coaches world-wide use our proprietary suite of training tools based on the concept of Parametric Training. Our site is designed to give you the benefit of the career-long efforts and knowledge of dozens of outstanding researchers, coaches, and educators. Our goal is to bring to you the knowledge and methods which have been validated and tested by generations of elite athletes.
Sergei M. Gordon, Dr. SCI.

Dr. Gordon is the creator of the training methodology and  mathematical models for 3S programs.  He is the senior science consultant for Super Sport Systems and is an active participant in the preparation of elite (national level) training programs. Currently, he prepares multi-annual plans of preparation for several national teams.
During his distinguished career, which spans nearly 50 years, Dr. Gordon prepared and published over 100 books, articles, and training manuals. He also selected and prepared 20 Ph.D. candidates (Dr. Sergei Beliaev among them).
Dr. Gordon's studies and reputation lead to consulting positions with several national and Olympic teams. The teams and individual athletes he consulted with have won numerous National, European, World, and Olympic medals. Dr. Gordon's elite training philosophies are considered and recognized as cutting edge sports technology.

Sergei B. Beliaev, Ph.D.
Founder and President 
 of Super Sport Systems
 Dr. Beliaev has knowledge of both Russian sports science and American management and coaching styles. A former national level cyclist, he graduated from the prestigious Moscow State Institute of Physical Education in the former Soviet Union. He also has vast research and coaching experience, having worked with elite athletes both in Russia and in the US. Additionally, he was the Head Coach, of CYCOR Professional Cycling Team. 
Recognized by leading coaches all over the world, Dr. Beliaev initiated the development of Super Sport Systems in 1998, while working as an assistant Athletic Director for a major US university and a practical cycling coach. He adopted “Training Optimization Program” (TOP ™) in preparation of his athletes and clients. Dr. Beliaev is presently lecturing at Virginia Commonwealth University Sport Center (Masters Degree Program in Sports Marketing and Coaching) and will continue to serve Super Sport Systems as an expert in endurance sports and as a senior member of our Coaching and Management Boards.
IT Department
IC-ITEP, Moscow
Software project development for Super Sport Systems is headed by Dmitriev Dmitry and Pavlov Vasiliy, who also work for the Innovation Center for the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (IC-ITEP), the world renowned physics research center sponsored by the Atomic Agency of the Russian Federation. Our software team is located on the grounds of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP),  Through the ITEP facilities, Modul Inc. (which maintains our server) has  unlimited hi-speed access to the Internet and to major international communication links.
Our product and the technology behind it are based on several decades of research in the field of optimization of sports preparation for endurance and team sports. Our proprietary training method and its associated technology have been used over the past ten years to prepare numerous national teams and individual athletes with tremendous success. To our credit over 30 World Level and Olympic medals were won by athletes using our technology. 

Both our training system and our personal services were previously available only to elite and national level athletes and coaches within the  former Soviet Union. Super Sport Systems now makes these secrets available to you... at a fraction of their original cost! Leading world coaches and sport scientists are standing behind this system, and are ready to offer further customization as well as personal assistance any time you may need it.
Regardless of whether you are preparing for Olympic trials, or just trying to improve your current results, 
our system will help you achieve your full potential while teaching you how to control your condition.

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